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- An effect collection worth $8!
- Remove Banner ad & A set of 150 bombs!!!
When you defeat monsters, you earn gold. Upgrade the main cannon and missiles with the gold.
Build sub cannons that help with the attack. Sub cannons attack enemies in the sky automatically. Each sub cannon has its own characteristics. Try to make good use of their features
If you kill monsters, items are sometimes given. Touch the item to obtain it. Items help you have special abilities throughout the game. Also, if the items collected accumulate, their effects could be levelled up!
Monsters leave option cannon when they die. Option cannon are provided in the upgrade menu, option cannon category. Same option cannons can be integrated to level up to a stronger option cannon. As the level increases, attack power is increased and with some luck, you can have some special abilities. Actively use the option cannon’s strength.
Boss monsters appear during the game. Boss monsters have high stamina, so they are not easy to defeat. But if defeated, a large sum of gold and items are given.
When boss monsters are defeated, the boss raid mode is activated. When the boss is defeated continuously, the level of the boss raid mode increases, and the amount of gold earned also increases!
Overheat mode is automatically activated when a certain number of monsters are killed. In overheat, a large number of enemies appear, but my missile becomes even more powerful! Kill many monsters with a strong missile.
When pure crystals are used, overheat 5x mode is activated. Saving crystals for use in dangerous situations is one strategy!

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Aplicativo garantido!

Aplicativo garantido!

Esse aplicativo passou no teste de segurança contra vírus, malware e outros ataques maliciosos e não contém nenhuma ameaça.

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